We are Biddeford's  premiere Tattoo studio, specializing in all styles of tattooing. Our courteous and professional staff has served Biddeford customers for over 15 years now, with results worth boasting about. Come in and say hello and have an enjoyable tattoo experience and help us mark the world one tattoo at a time.

This shop is dedicated to providing a relaxed, fun, ego free, clean and sterile environment in a celebration of Art. Our vision as professionals is to better serve our clients with creative energy, cleanliness and confidence.

​17 years and counting! Coopa Creatiions have been serving our clients and continue to give what we feel is some of the best customer service in this industry! Which is why we have been in business for so long. In an ever evolving field, we always push to be in the forefront of what is happening with tattooing. We love what we do and will continue to serve you the best way we can!